Look after your skin in the week or so leading up to your surgery. It is tempting to tidy the garden before your surgery, but it is common to get minor scrapes or cuts. These may mean your surgery is cancelled because of risk of infection.  

Use lots of hand moisturiser or sorbilene to soften the skin in your palm and fingers in the week or two before surgery.


If you have rings on the hand that is to be operated on, check if you can get them off. If they cannot come off think about what you would like to do with your rings prior to getting to hospital. Usually all rings need to be removed before surgery. The best way to remove a ring is by a jeweller, who can then repair or resize a tight ring.


Bring to hospital all your xrays, ultrasounds, CT scans and MRI scans that are relevant to the hand or part being operated on.


Follow the fasting instructions. Do not chew gum during the “ nil by mouth” time period. If you are unsure of the fasting times, please call my office or the hospital you are to have the surgery at.


After Surgery

You will need someone to accompany you home, and be with you the night of your surgery. It is best to rest at home for the remainder of the day and evening after your surgery.

You should not drink alcohol the night of your surgery.



You must not drive on the day of your surgery. When you can drive will depend on what surgery you are having. After simple operations like carpal tunnel release, you could drive when you can safely operate the controls, for example to steer yourself out of trouble. That may be after a week.