All appointments are made by telephone on 99716348.

You will need a referral from your family doctor to claim a medicare rebate.

If you have a compensation claim such as Workcover, you will need approval from the insurance company before an appointment can be made.

Please bring all X-rays, scans or tests relevant to your problem. Many radiology practices are reluctant to give you the actual images. The result or report alone is not adequate. Kindly request they give the images to you. On a "disc" or CD is fine. Dr Hile does not look up images "on line".

If you are referred from a local public hospital, such as Mona Vale, make sure you bring the Emergency Department discharge letter, and your X-rays on a disc or CD. Dr Hile does not access the hospital X-rays. You may need to go back to the hospital to get your X-ray disc if they did not give it to you on the day.


You will be advised of the fees when making your appointment. Payment on the day is expected. Medicare will give you a rebate towards Dr Hile's fees. Dr Hile does not "bulk bill".

If you wish to see Dr Hile in the public hospital system, he has an outpatients clinic at RNSH. Call RNSH on 99267111 and ask for ambulatory care appointments.